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Our passion about alternative ways of smoking for a better life was the reason to create vapenotburn back in 2015. Since then we are committed and dedicated to provide the best quality and prices directly to our end customers all around the world via our stores. We source only authentic products directly from the manufactures to ensure quality and competitive prices of our products. By focusing on customer satisfaction we strive to provide guaranteed fast delivery almost all around the world.

Our goal is to provide Heat Not Burn products to long-term customers from the United States of America (USA), the United Kingdom (UK), EU (European Union) countries, Singapore and many other countries around the world with the best quality and aftersales support. We only source the highest quality of HEETS that are made with the highest standards in Switzerland, Italy and Greece. HEETS manufactured in Switzerland, Italy and Greece are considered to be of the highest quality.

We cooperate directly with reliable local and international shipping companies in order to offer guaranteed and fast deliveries. With handling time up to 2 working days and fast delivery methods we have managed to expand our loyal clients over the years.

- bad
Youk, 2021-04-15

I found another company to buy what I want ..better price and quality..they want only money from expensive their vape!

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- Great
Jeannette, 2020-11-27

Providing a great selection of products at reasonable prices. Excellent customer service and assistance.

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- bad
Fellice, 2020-09-16

I made an order and I still don’t have it, and honestly not counting on ever getting it. I emailed them, but as expected was completely ignored. Scam !!!

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