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Recensioni  Tax Defense Partners

Tax Defense Partners Recensioni

- 3.25 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: They did a fantastic job and I would recommend them to anyone who has tax issues to call them! Once I provided all the information needed in my case, he was able to negotiate the best possible outcome ...

Recensioni Day Translations

Day Translations Recensioni

- 3.00 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: I'm a satisfied customer. The great thing about them is that they are very attentive and flexible. This was my second time using Day Translations and I highly recommend it. ...

Recensioni Pacific Northwest Family Law

Pacific Northwest Family Law Recensioni

- 3.00 din 5 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: Thanks to all of you from the bottom of my heart. I wish we could have negotiated a settlement instead of court, but I know that had much more to do with the abusive, aggressive agenda of the other pa ...

Recensioni  Rush My Passport

Rush My Passport Recensioni

- 2.75 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: I will be able to take my vacation and enjoy some time off after working in a healthcare field significantly impacted by this unprecedented time. I highly recommend this service!! Great service!! ...

Recensioni  Pioneer Law Firm

Pioneer Law Firm Recensioni

- 2.75 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: The communication is top notch! It needs to be that way due to the stress and strain from the creditors who will use any kind of tactic to get you to pay full price. Thank you guys for working with me ...

Recensioni Vital Records Online

Vital Records Online Recensioni

- 2.67 din 6 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: I reached out to Vital Records Online, and they did everything for me! All I had to do was pay their fee, they did the rest. I am happy with their service. Just received my birth certificate today! T ...

Recensioni Recensioni

- 2.25 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: They are knowledgeable and willing to help. My lawyer was very professional, easy to understand, addressed all my issues, explained my different options, provided information in a timely manner. His f ...

Recensioni Express Passport

Express Passport Recensioni

- 2.20 din 5 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: I got email notification during each step of the process, and my new passport arrived at my house five days later, with plenty of time to spare before my departure. Great service! ...

Recensioni Timberline Financial

Timberline Financial Recensioni

- 2.20 din 5 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: Wish more of your staff could be as good as they are. Thanks for helping me today. Looking forward for my last settlement. Hope it’s a good one. I recommend them to you. ...

Recensioni Timeshare Freedom Group

Timeshare Freedom Group Recensioni

- 2.17 din 6 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: They will take your money and keep in contact the first couple of months. After that when you call to speak to the person assigned to your case. You can never get the person on the line. Horrible SCA ...

Recensioni NotaryCam

NotaryCam Recensioni

- 2.00 din 5 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: I did not even know anything like this existed, and was a bit hesitant to use online for such sensitive information. The notary was prompt and professional. The signing took 5 minutes. I would use aga ...

Recensioni Royal Legal Group

Royal Legal Group Recensioni

- 2.00 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: Very helpful and made the experience easy even in a stressful time. A pleasant conversations and my questions were answered very well. Highly recommend them and if I will need again, I will use them f ...

Recensioni Los Defensores

Los Defensores Recensioni

- 1.75 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: They said they were going to pay my medical bills and never did. The car that hit me gave me money but I never saw it because they used it all up. I do not recommend it at all. I think this does not d ...

Recensioni LegalMatch

LegalMatch Recensioni

- 1.75 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: The lawyer that I hired made me feel important and at ease. I felt like the solution was at hand. I can tell you to try it. At the moments all the thins look okay. Give it a go!! ...

Recensioni Recensioni

- 1.50 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: It's not very user friendly. I sent them an email with my questions because you can't talk to anyone. Well, instead of answering my questions, they closed my account! Very unprofessional! ...

Recensioni Online Divorce

Online Divorce Recensioni

- 1.25 din 4 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: My forms were never filed with the court. They kept the money order that I requested back, even though I paid for shipping. Every time I called, I would get a different person. Save yourself time, and ...

Recensioni CompleteCase Online Divorce

CompleteCase Online Divorce Recensioni

- 1.20 din 5 Recensioni

L’ultima opinione: All they do is literally give you papers and say sign this and do that paper . The only thing you pay for is for the papers to be sent to you and if you pay extra for them to send it to your spouse an ...

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