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USDA Loans Direct can save you astronomical out of pocket expenses that are typically expected up front with most other lenders and loan types.  For any person who is interested in living in a rural setting, a USDA loan is wonderful loan option to consider and inquire upon.

USDA loans offer advantageous direct mortgage loans.  A USDA loan can be utilized to obtain the dream of owning your own home from a choice of a wide array of homes including single and multifamily housing.  This loan can be used to refinance, purchase, repair, renovate or relocate.  By obtaining a USDA loan, you can get as close to sub-prime loan with a low and safe fixed interest rate.

- Excellent
Michelle Barrett, 2021-05-31

They were so patient and helpful. Mark and his team walked me through every step of the way. I could not ask for a more professional group of people to work with. I can not say enough about!

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- Poor
Daniel Wesberry, 2021-05-14

They do not care about the customer at all. They told me at one point I had agreed on something to do with a memorandum of which I did not. So it took them 2 months to reverse what they done and how this. They are terrible.

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- bad
Tasha Garcia, 2020-10-09

They could careless how long you have to wait on hold, how many times you call in, even when you are given the wrong information. They just want you off the phone. They interrupt you while you’re speaking and when you explain what you need they put you on hold and transfer you. Please pay these folks more money.

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- Average
Amy Dubose, 2020-10-05

RUN away from this place! We are absolutely furious and trying to figure out how to take legal action. This is criminal. They know the longer they have our loan, the more money they are making off of us.

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