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It’s often said that beauty is only skin deep. As a company that prides itself in creating beautiful skin, we wholeheartedly reject this notion. True beauty emanates from within. We all share a common desire to feel good about ourselves, to know ourselves, to like ourselves, to project that in our daily lives and to inspire it in others. Looking beautiful is only a part of that journey; feeling beautiful is the true prize.

We craft all of our skincare solutions to produce positive, visible change that transform your skin and reveal your true inner beauty. We demand results from our products because results matter—results change lives. TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Inhibitor was formerly introduced to market in 2004. A lot has happened in the years that have followed. The TriLASTIN line has been sold in over 130 countries and has received worldwide acclaim for its quality and proven effectiveness.

We continually strive to improve the effectiveness of our formulas and we listen to our customers to improve our products. We hav developed extremely effective technologies that have helped to make our products so unique. 

- Great
Bekah, 2021-02-08

The product smells so good and absorbs quickly. I haven't even started showing yet so I can't say anything to how well it works yet but so far I like the product. Very thankful for their customer service!

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- bad
Danielis, 2020-10-11

Beware it’s not 100% refund. After a few hours the moisture didn’t stay. My skin didn’t even look like I had out lotion on. Don’t see any results my stretch mark don’t go away and i put the cream every single day.

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- Poor
Tianna, 2020-09-06

I took a chance with this product but it seems like it gave me more stretch marks! I didn’t even think that could be possible but they are still bright red and there are more of them.

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- Excellent
Samantha, 2020-08-27

I like the consistency of the lotion not too thick but feels moisturizing. It is nice it is in a tub vs a pump bottle. It's hard to get last bits of product from a pump bottle. Haven't used long enough to know if helps with stretch marks but I have enjoyed using it and will be buying again when I run low.

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