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Transfer Connex have developed a combination of online facilities and dedicated forex experts to ensure that all of our clients’ foreign currency needs are met. We have an eclectic mix of clients varying from private individuals to global institutions and we endeavour to treat every client with the same professional standards in which we pride ourselves on.

Based in the heart of London our aim is to not only save you money but to streamline the process in which you make or receive foreign currency transfers. Whether you are making international payments or repatriating profits from overseas our team of forex experts are there to help streamline the process for you.

We offer a range of products and treasury functions that will enable your business to reduce its foreign currency risk and maximise your profits.

- Great
Sean H, 2021-03-06

Transfer Connex is excellent at their job. The staff gave all date information regarding exchange rates to assist me,making an informed choice.

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- Great
Lisa, 2021-02-04

Helpful staff assisting over the phone, Quick and easy to use. Clearly looks after their customers interests,good advice and very easy to complete the transaction.

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- Poor
Patel, 2020-06-03

I am not impressed! When requesting for the statement of account to proof otherwise, they simply ignored. Very Poor service and falls promises never deal with these people.. I will never use it again

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