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The Tea Spot is a leading producer of handcrafted whole leaf teas and the creator of Steepware®—innovative teawares that make healthy tea effortless and accessible. This for-profit philanthropic business is fueled by the passion of our founder, a cancer fighter drawn to tea for its reputed health benefits during her recovery. Her message is simple and powerful: tea in its freshest form renders incredible flavor, unmatched benefits, and is eco-friendly.

Diverse tea-drinking rituals and history remind us that tea connects us with billions of people around the globe. We pay tribute to this age-old beverage, and hope to enlighten and enliven those who consume it. The Tea Spot is committed to a culture of giving with every sale we make. 10% of each sale is donated in-kind to cancer and community wellness - good for you and good for the world. To date, we have touched more than 100,000 lives with our pledge.

Specialties: Loose Leaf Tea, Steepware, Whole Leaf Sachets, and Custom Teaware

- Poor
Meyer, 2020-11-08

Awful customer service, the staff put the hands on the top of the cup, the hands were dirty, I refused the order and they wanted to pay them their dirty service!

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- Great
Zak, 2020-08-18

Awesome collection of green teas and other. I ordered several types of green tea and all tasted amazing. I have never been more pleased. Thanks for the service and the selection.

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- Poor
Mia, 2020-07-07

Didn’t like the shipping. I took such a long time to get it here. I wanted to try something new and start drinking tea for weight loss.

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