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Stone Technologies Corp. manufactures Clear Concrete Sealers, Colored Concrete Sealers, Concrete Dyes, Eco Concrete Etcher, Eco Rust & Calcium Remover, Concrete Repair Kits and an Eco Concrete Cleaner for interior and exterior concrete, block, brick, stucco, mortar and masonry applications. Our easy-to-apply concrete products protect all types of new or existing commercial, industrial and residential structures. This includes poured concrete, aggregate concrete, decorative and stamped concrete, brick, masonry, stucco and pavers.

Stone Technologies Corp. also manufactures a complete line of Stone Sealers, Grout Sealer, Concentrated Stone Cleaner, Ready to use Stone Cleaner, Stone Cleaner with Sealer, Glass Sealer,  and a Stone Enhancer. We sell our products to both professionals in the stone fabricating industry and direct to the general public. These products seal, protect, clean and transform walls, countertops, floors and all-natural stone structures to preserve their natural beauty. They seal all types of interior and exterior natural stone surfaces. This includes marble, granite, slate, travertine, onyx, terrazzo, cultured stone, grout, terracotta, unglazed tile, bluestone, sandstone and limestone. All of our Stone Sealers, Cleaners and Enhancers are easily applied by the homeowner. They protect and maintain their investment in their beautiful natural stone countertops, floors, walls, stairs, vanities and showers. They are also used in Hotels, Offices, Colleges, Hospitals and Museums.

- Excellent
Mitch, 2021-04-13

Has been supplying my products since 2017, and the consistency of service and product quality are unequaled, compared to many suppliers we deal with. Orders are processed promptly, product is always fresh, and works well !!

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- Great
Jannet, 2020-10-25

Even if you're not a big industrial buyer, they'll answer all your questions and give you the best recommendation for your job. I've used several types of their sealers and find them all easy to apply and very durable.

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- Poor
Lilly, 2020-10-17

Still after one week later I had not received the product, no correspondence from the company, and no tracking information. They are a scam !!!

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- bad
Karren, 2020-07-19

Horrible product. Tires one year later still stick to the garage floor. Worst purchase ever!

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