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Cats deserve better. We're bringing fresh, human-grade meals for your cats straight to your door.

Provider of direct to consumer cat food intended to offer food products produced with human-grade ingredients. The company's products are prepared with fresh meat with a tiny bit of green veg, gently cooked to lock in nutrients, moisture and offer customized kits as per the cat's nutrition needs, enabling cat parents to get healthy and fresh food directly at their doorstep.

Smalls is homemade food for cats that's prepared with 100% human grade ingredients and leaves the fillers, mystery ingredients and 25 year shelf lives of traditional pet "food" behind. We create a customized meal plan for your cats based on their age, weight, and body type and get you on your way with freshly prepared food delivered to your door. We are a small team of ~10 with venture funding to grow quickly and prove something!

- Great
Juddy, 2021-05-21

I contacted Smalls and they very quickly and easily refunded my payment and halted my subscription. The customer service was fabulous. he support team has been wonderful in answering all my questions and concerns and always respond in a timely manner.I just wish my cats had gone with the program!

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- Poor
Rodlon, 2021-01-09

Terrible customer service and online portal. Don’t waste your time and money. The web site has no working links except the ones that lead to a purchase, so there is no way to get information, including the contents of the food. It is impossible to speak with a human being--you must communicate only by email or text.

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- bad
Carrame, 2020-11-22

I need that money for my bills and my kids! And when I try to talk someone they don't have any live agents. Just text and emails. I know they won't respond and send me shipments. They are scammers!!

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