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KeepKey is a bitcoin hardware wallet that protects your money from hackers and thieves, while giving you convenient access. KeepKey works with the bitcoin wallet software on your computer by taking over the management of private key generation, private key storage, and transaction signing.

Developer of a digital bitcoin wallet device. The company's pin protected USB device hardware wallet secures bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, dogecoin, dash, namecoin, and multiple erc-20 tokens, offering security using its hardware-based random number generator for digital money transactions.Your assets are protected from hackers and thieves.

WHAT’S IN THE BOX : KeepKey,Woven Nylon USB Cable,Recovery Sentence Backup Card.

- bad
Caretta, 2021-03-01

after the first time you connect your keepkey wallet it doesn't load properly ever again,so next time you try to connect it tells you that is not being detected or that an error occurred,so after that you need to go to windows settings and expel the keepkey from your device and connect it back in,you may need to do this several times before its detected properly and you can access your crypto.

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- Great
Freddy Marck, 2020-10-20

This product is clever , well design, simple to use and with fantastic costumer service! Very prompt and detailed step by step guide to help me understand and solved my problem. I would gladly recommend Keepkey to anyone looking to use a cold wallet

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- Poor
Attwood, 2020-09-27

Support is a joke always..many times I have to re enter all my details to get access. Asking me to repeat the troubleshooting steps that have been documented in the chat more than once.

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