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RaverSwag has the unique mission: to fulfill our customer’s desire to be unique. To accomplish this, we operate a website that offers apparel and accessory items specifically collected to create outfits to wear to music festivals, raves, concerts, parties, and other social events.

The website is constantly updated with new product offerings from dozens of the best suppliers around the Globe. RaverSwag also carries out on-site sales at various festivals and events, while sponsoring multiple dance teams, DJs, and other various groups. Consider the party brought. The RaverSwag Team consists of veteran ravers and fashion experts. 

- bad
Eric Blum, 2021-07-04

The fact that an online store would behave in this manner and send their customer a product and then do nothing to ensure their customers satisfaction is appalling. They sent me a product that doesn’t fit and tells me I should’ve tried it on before buying it! Do not buy from this website!

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- Great
Charles Norris, 2021-06-05

I would recommend this company to anyone. Will gladly help you throughout your shopping experience. They assisted with helping me place my order, about a week or so after my order was placed the product seemed to not be moving so I emailed them back. At the end it arrived and the quality of the products is so great.

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- Poor
Jenna Davidson, 2021-03-14

I paid to ship them back for a refund and they wouldn’t refund either of them because they said I didn’t get an approval to return one item and apparently the other one was missing some tag which was not my fault because I didn’t touch any of the tags. Then they wanted me to pay again to have them shipped back to me.

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- Excellent
Marc Illan, 2021-02-10

They're team was fast, communicative, and most importantly effective. Their team understood my situation and personally reached out on my behalf to make sure I received my order on time and it is awesome!!

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