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Overnight Pet Tags is a family owned business that has supplied pet id tags to thousands of pet owners since 2006. OvernightPetTags.com prides itself on quality, speed and craftsmanship. We treat every tag as our own. You will feel safe knowing that your investment in an ID tag will help protect your pets for years to come.

We know that your pet is a part of your family because we treat our pets the same way. All of our pet tags are under $10!  We pride ourselves on the fact that we offer you free shipping and free handling.If you order your tag today it will be shipped first class within hours (sometimes within minutes), and in most cases at your door between 1-5 days! No one offers what we do! We are the industry leader in customer service.  We always take time to make sure you are getting exactly what you need and want.

- bad
Altmeyer, 2020-11-13

Ordered over one month ago, sent over 5 emails with no response, tried to call number was not working. Very disappointing. This is a SCAM!!

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- Great
Brandi, 2020-10-26

Shipping is always fast and Free! The quality is good and so is the durability. I ordered several different styles and colors for my pets and I am satisfied with them all. Good quality, unbeatable price, fast shipping!

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- Excellent
Kerrie, 2020-08-09

Highly recommend! Fast and prompt service with awesome on the product its self. My pet tag was accurate, sturdy, and shipped very quickly. 5 well-earned stars.

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- Poor
Paullette, 2020-07-27

I paid the extra because I needed it at a certain time. When I didn't receive the item on the expected date, I emailed them in which they stated someone would get back to me within a few hours. I did not hear back from them at all. I asked for a refund on the extra payment I made. I did not receive a refund nor a return email.

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