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Norton Antivirus protects your computer by scanning it constantly. It immediately blocks anything trying to enter your computer and asks you for permission to allow it to enter. If it is a virus or a worm or anything that can potentially cause damage, it isolates it immediately and then alerts you. Norton Antivirus also protects you from being infected when you use an instant messaging program. Malicious programs will sometimes try to enter your computer this way, so it is important to stay protected when you chat.

Norton also blocks phishing attempts from websites, which try to gain access to private information such as usernames and passwords to other important websites, such as your bank or your credit card company.

Norton Antivirus is automated and it runs as soon as you turn on your computer. It blocks against browser and application threats and also protects you from infected websites. If you are doing any type of Internet research and you click a back link to another site that happens to be infected with a virus or something harmful, you would be alerted immediately and that virus would be quarantined and removed.

- Great
Gary, 2021-04-11

Since I switched to Norton it's been smooth sailing for almost 3 years now. I don't care for the Search Engine feature, love the Password Vault service. Overall Excellent!

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- Excellent
Mohammed, 2021-02-19

Actually, I bought norton deluxe 360 and only thing is horrible! Then I realized that I can changed to normal. There's only 2 themes and one is super bad. After changing to old , norton wasn't that bad. It blocked viruses from opening. Better than free avs, malware bytes etc free and its super cheap.

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- Poor
Christienne, 2020-12-25

Auto renew is terrible, they want 4 times the price of what they sell it for in stores. Then they make it extremely difficult to activate and you have to enter payment information even though you already purchased the stupid thing. Been with Norton 10+ years. No more

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- bad
Levine, 2020-07-25

I upgraded to the "lifelock" thing, and just found out.... they have been taking out over $200/year in at least 3 different smaller payments, all referencing my FIRST auto withdrawal agreement of the $59/yr subscription years ago.... and, oh, they will not let you speak to a supervisor.....pretended to have one on the line, but when I said I had the bank and wanted a conference call, Norton end hung up! My bank and Paypal are with me and helping....

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