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New technology comes with a promise. Almost 20 years ago, from a small garage in Michigan, we set out to fulfill that promise: to become a hosting provider that empowers clients to create and grow the businesses they want.

Now, from our Southfield, Michigan headquarters, we hold data centers around the world that offer the best in terms of performance, reliability, and control.

By embracing complexity, providing stability, and working with our clients, partners, and team members, we’ve managed to create innovations that have changed the face of web hosting support and management forever.

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Tracy B, 2021-06-17

They are right on time with shipment and no hidden cost. Didn't have to call them , everything shown was shipped with a couple of cool stickers for the back window.

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Cody C, 2021-06-09

Still don't even have a tracking number. Item was promised to me over a week ago. Don't recommend! Customer service is horrible. I was supposed to receive it about a month ago. Customer service is definitely lacking here. Very unhappy.

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Dennis Bob, 2020-11-03

Sent an email for a return label and got a return email that said they don't except returns on parts that had been installed. Be careful about ordering from them.

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