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With rising demand for affordable designer couture gowns and dresses, MissesDressy opened their internet store in 2010, where it is able to provide the lowest prices available on the internet, free international and domestic shipping, as well as impeccable customer service. In 2011 MissesDressy.com moved to trendy Long Island City, NY where you get the full designer gown salon experience both online and in person. Today, MissesDressy offers a large collection of the world's most coveted brands of evening and bridal dresses.


Fashion, Prom dresses, Bridal Fashion, and Online Shopping

- Poor
Amber dixon, 2021-05-01

. The dresses arrived and they looked nothing alike, one looked like a potato sack. They are cheap and poorly made from China. unfortunately it was too close to our event so I had no choice but to have them altered, and they still look like trash.

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- Excellent
Tommia, 2021-02-20

The ordering process was easy and very efficient. I will definitely shop there on my next occasion because they have lovely dresses and the prices. The dress arrived within good time and the quality and the size is amazing!

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- Poor
Ada B., 2021-02-01

Do Not place your order with these people. They have no conscience and they lack credibility. Garbage customer service..

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