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MIER began with a singular mission: to create durable high-performance outdoor gear without the premium price tag that consumers would expect to find on such high-quality products.
The MIER family of brands offers quality performance gear at an affordable price. The talent and knowledge that MIER employees bring to the brand results in beneficial partnerships, creative sourcing and exceptional product lines.MIER is constantly evolving to bring together and provide gear for athletes, campers, hunters and hikers--and those who do it all.

- Great
Kyle D, 2021-07-01

Very satisfying with my purchase. Love the pockets very useful. Over all very well maid and excellent product. If you are looking for a travel vest this is an amazing product. Good quality.

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- Excellent
Jorge Perez, 2021-06-24

Mier Sports was quick to send me a return label and to process my refund. Excellent customer service! Also a lot of bag for my buck!!! I recommend this product to everyone!!!

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- bad
Stephen Meros, 2021-06-22

After threatening them they said to send pictures of the item and they’ll send me a US address I can ship the return to. After sending the pictures they ghosted me. DO NOT BE SCAMMED like I was.

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- Poor
Corretta S, 2020-11-02

Didn't know it was coming from China, a little angry it wasn't communicated. When I ordered the standard shipping I figured 2 weeks would be enough time to get a product.I wouldn't have bought their product through their site.

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