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The best digital agency in today’s competitive industry, Logo Design genius was created with a mission of making brands that stand out. At Logo Design Genius, it’s about developing, improving and implementing long term strategies that have proven to lead to business growth.

Logo Design Genius Inc is the world's leading logo design company, connecting businesses looking for logo and WordPress website designs work with more than 100 in-house designers and WordPress developers. Businesses can source graphic design work quickly and affordably.

Specialties : Logo Design, WordPress, Website Design, Video Animation, Apps, Magento, eCommerce Store, and Corporate Identity

- bad
Jonas, 2020-10-19

No refund either after 3 months without delivering anything. I couldn't get past the first picture in my whiteboard video. They couldn't draw a logo. They wasted my time and money.

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- bad
Barri, 2020-08-23

They are a SCAM and have scammed many. I will be going to the greatest lengths to ensure they never scam another customer again. The work they gave us was from someone in Pakistan who obviously had no illustration training whatsoever.

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- Average
Theoo, 2020-08-10

I’m absolutely thrilled with my beautiful logo! Friendly guys and very professional! They are responsive, always on time, and are super personable.

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