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KVSupply is your one stop shop for your vet supplies & pet supplies at amazing low prices. Shop today for low prices on dog, cat & equine supplies.

Kv Supply is a small to mid-size veterinarians company operating the e-commerce site kvsupply.com. Kv Supply sells its products and services in the veterinarians industry. Kv Supply offers discount codes and coupons to its customers occasionally.

What Can KV Supply Offer You?

 Everyday low shipping on your order

The widest selection of high quality products for your pet & equine family

 Knowledge and experience to find the best new and innovative products

- bad
Gaither, 2021-06-14

If you buy stuff that is expired or turn stale early, u probably will be out of luck in asking them for exchange or refund. So never buy food from this website. They had problem in selling them so you will end up having stuff close to expiry date and will not able to ask for return or exchange, their return policy don't allow return of "food" items.

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- Poor
Caity, 2021-06-03

I requested to cancel the order. We have not received confirmation that it is being cancelled and we are now scrambling to find this medicine locally before our supply runs out. . They are a fraudulent company and should not be in business.

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- Great
Yvonne, 2021-04-14

Super quick no issues!!! Highly recommended. Medications always available, never out if stock. Plus the medications are at a low affordable prices. Shipping extremely fast!

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