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GiveForward LLC hosts a website dedicated to posting fund raising web pages for individuals and charities. The Company helps people raise money for causes such as chemotherapy, organ transplants, mission trips, funeral expenses, and non-profit organizations. GiveForward was established in 2008 and is based in Chicago, Illinois of the United States.

We believe that too often people are comfortable with giving gifts of money during times of celebration such as a graduation or marriage but during times of real need, like a critical illness, people are afraid to give financial help. GiveForward fundraising pages make providing financial support easier for everyone involved.

- Poor
Amy Segall, 2021-07-16

They are no longer available via phone and only communicate through email. The recipient of our site has series brain issues when dealing with text so this new policy makes it EXTREMELY difficult to communicate. They also changed the format of the way the page looks and made it more like social media. It's terrible!!

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- bad
Anna Crawford, 2021-07-15

Very disappointed with Give Forward and their process of payment and lack of customer service. Their customer service was very rude and matter of fact they hang up the phone when you put to many questions.

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- Excellent
Marcus Lemon, 2021-01-01

I hope I never know a close friend or family member who finds themselves in the position of having to raise funds for a loved one, but if they do, I'll definitely suggest they use GiveForward. I am convinced I made the best possible choice.

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- Great
Karen Bilton, 2020-08-01

. I appreciate the way give forward offers donors the opportunity to cover handling fees. I also had great customer support when I had a few questions about the finance page. I would recommend it to anyone who would like to raise funds.

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