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Our store offers a wide variety of digital download games available for PC, Xbox and Playstation Consoles. We offer products ranging from AAA titles to indie games, from the most popular and upcoming games to old classics.

GamingDragons - Gamers-shop also provides Time Cards for MMO games, PSN/Xbox cards and points, DLC’s and other special items.
Our selection of bestselling titles features leading publishers including EA, Activision, NCsoft, Ubisoft, Bethesda Softworks, Warner, Sega, Deepsilver, Focus, Take2, Eidos and others.
Gaming Dragons is an online store that offers video games at attractive prices. We provide you with a Game code that you can redeem on various popular platforms to activate your game. All your favorite games are available for download with Steam, Origin, Uplay and other Download services.

- Poor
Tarelo, 2021-05-11

They told me they were out of stock and would be in stock tomorrow. Why didn't it say they were out of stock on the website? I think customer support lied, so they wouldn't have to do their job. Either way, when a customer buys something, you provide them with the item. This is ridiculous.

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- Poor
Dicey, 2021-05-09

Beware this scam!! The code given to me did not work. I am awaiting my refund and will update when that all gets sorted out. Not happy !!

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- Excellent
Jean Paul, 2020-12-02

Thanks for the product an awesome pricing, an for your excellent customer service. I sent a message to customer service and they we're quick to respond with relevant information. I got the best deal around price wise and I couldn't be more pleased.

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