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With a list of 85+ banned ingredients, we make eating not only healthier, but also fun, exciting, and simple. Whether it’s taking our favorite comfort foods and making our own better-for-you versions, or sourcing the highest-quality ingredients from our trusted partners, we’re always on a quest to create meals that will nourish and excite our customers.

Customers choose prepared meals that work for their dietary needs from a rotating menu of 40+ options. Every week, their meals are cooked and delivered fresh to their doors, each ready to heat and eat in just 3 minutes. Our menu is designed by our team of chefs and nutritionists using real, whole food, and no artificial flavors, preservatives, or sweeteners.

- Excellent
Charlie Bob, 2021-01-07

Service and food is top notch, and customer satisfaction and support.Highly recommend. Great convenient way to get easy to make delicious meals.

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- Great
Brithany Kate, 2021-01-06

Incredibly helpful with my order! We was nice, professional, and speedy. He made my order correction as painless as possible. Thank you Freshly!

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