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FastSpring is the trusted ecommerce partner for companies that sell software around the world. Companies using FastSpring’s full-service ecommerce solution sell more, stay lean, and compete big. Founded in 2005, FastSpring is a privately owned company headquartered in Santa Barbara with offices in Amsterdam and Halifax.

FastSpring is a full-service ecommerce partner committed to democratizing the software industry with innovative technology and ecommerce expertise.

We are passionate about helping software companies of all sizes be exceptional at selling worldwide and focus on what they do best—building great software.

These five guiding principles define who we are, they are part of our DNA, and we live by them in everything we do.

  1. We succeed when our customers succeed.
  2. We believe collaboration and teamwork make us better.
  3. We are tenacious in driving results and seek excellence, always.
  4. We are committed to innovation and embrace change.
  5. We celebrate the passion and enthusiasm of great people

- Poor
Phill, 2021-04-23

There is no customer service provided by this company. In fact I don't think there are any human beings, period. They are the payment processor for software that the large enterprise company I work for users. To set them up as a vendor in our procurement system we need certain information. Multiple attempts were made to request this information. The responses were from robots directing me to a web page that did not have the information I needed. I asked to speak to a human being about my issue. They refused to send me any contact info.

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- Excellent
Gregory, 2021-04-19

What i really like about FastSpring is having all these advanced options for products, subscriptions, and payments. With FastSpring you can have a platform up and running as you design it by integrating their javascript library.

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- Poor
Cayo, 2020-09-05

The only downside I can think of is the lack of integration with UWP framework for the Windows 10 clients. Customer support was not entirely supportive and could not advise us on best practices of how to close withdrawals with documents..

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- Great
Khaled, 2020-09-05

The communication was very clear, helpful and friendly and I always received an answer within hours. Their product is outstanding, easy to implement and huge help for a small business selling products and services all over the world. Their customer support is also exceptional.

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