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DR® Power Equipment have been manufacturing and selling tools that make outdoor work easier and more enjoyable since 1985. DR Power Equipment manufactures and sells a full range of professional grade outdoor power equipment including brush mowers, leaf vacuums, chippers.

With a talented team of engineers and designers, DR®  are creating unique machines of lasting value and unequaled performance. They continue to be driven by innovation, with a passion for high-quality design. And like you, DR®  have no use for ordinary products...so we're doing what it takes to be better. 

DR®  are a growing, friendly company based in Vergennes, Vermont. They chose to make their home there for many reasons, but mainly as they wished to surround themselves with what they love - a place of rural beauty with simple and traditional values.

It's here that DR® pursue their love of the land and are inspired with some of their best new product ideas. As a customer, we think it's something you can take comfort in - knowing the products sold are born out of the experiences faced caring for and maintaining their own country properties. That's why the equipment works. Because they wouldn't use them - or sell them - if they didn't.

- Excellent
Ronnie, 2021-03-23

That's great!! The brush cutter is everything I was hoping it would be. Mowed through the grass and didn’t bog at all. Also cut some briars with no problem. If the 4 wheeler will go over it the brush cutter will cut it.

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- Poor
Callister, 2021-03-03

When the pending charge dropped form my card, I called about the order. I was given another date. Ended up calling then several more times and was given another date after checking with shipping department. Today I looked at their web site and the mower was in stock. I called again and was told it would ship out 10 days from now. I said I wanted to talk to someone who would could give me a firm date. Didn't happen.

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- Average
Less, 2020-10-30

Person assisting me was very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. As with everything today, part was expensive but I received the part in a timely fashion. Very courteous, delivery was half the time I expected. All in all it was a good experience.

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