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 Through our online platform, we are democratizing alternative asset investing by breaking down traditional barriers to entry, such as eliminating broker fees and high minimum investments. We open up access to multi-million dollar commercial real estate investments to everyone and provide them with the opportunity to diversify their portfolio beyond stocks and bonds.

Unlike other platforms that function as a broker, matching investors with third-party projects, DiversyFund offers real estate investments where we are the developer and sponsor, professionally managing every investment on our platform. So with DiversyFund, you get an investment partner with skin in the game so that you can say goodbye to brokers and middleman fees.

- Excellent
Ray Edwards, 2021-06-10

App is great. It would be great if monthly recurring investment had lower minimum. Such a wonderful experience! I am grateful for the opportunity! Thanks!

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- Average
Petra Harris, 2021-05-20

They don’t seem to understand basic questions at times. The dividends are poor compared to their competitors. This coupled with the inability to liquidate for at least five years results in a pretty weak product.

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- bad
Jack Norris, 2021-03-30

I have been requesting for update on account, no response. If they cant open an account, they should not take the money from bank, have been requesting refund, still NO response. This company is total scam, you cannot talk to anyone at any time.

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- Poor
Charles Vincent, 2020-09-07

I use many other investment platforms and see daily results. I am quite disappointed that my finances do not move regularly with this investment strategy.

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