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Cash Aisle is a direct loan provider. We are proud to offer installment loans to qualifying individuals, for any reason of need, whether it be an emergency, bill pressure, overdraft fees, rent, or just a special occasion.

Cashaisle provide your loan details and complete the application. It’s Quick, Secure, and Confidential. Since we’re the lender, you’ll know in seconds if you are *pre-approved. Your money is deposited directly to your bank account the next business day!

Individuals of all backgrounds and income may apply for an emergency personal loan. Every customer is afforded an equal opportunity to qualify for a loan.

We have the following requirements:

• You must be at least 18 years old
• You need to have a bank account in your name
• You must have a working email address and phone number
• You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
• You must not be active military
• You must receive regular income


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Cat C, 2020-12-11

Scam Scam!! My wife got a loan for this particular firm. It was the worst mistake. He received a loan for $500 like they stated it would it arrived quick. The error was having to pay $2,100 back to get a loan. We call the company and let them know that we believed that this was foolish and also a scam.

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Nicole, 2020-11-02

They were able to provide a loan to me but I had to wait around for them to speak with someone in my bank before I could get funds. The next day the loan has been financed but the repayment amount was absurd. Was able to phone and cancel. Look twice what does it say in the contract when you sign it!

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Lakeya J, 2020-08-20

I spoke to 4 distinct individuals just one needed a customer support voice. They all sound like they are unqualified for a customer service position. You wait 5 minutes before someone pick up and then they put you on hold before the original person you talked with is available.

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