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 We offer only the most reliable parts, made of the best materials. We employ a team of automotive experts on our US-based customer service team. That’s what’s grown 1A Auto from a small company selling out of a local garage into a high tech auto-parts retailer with state of the art facilities across the United States.

As the CEO, I know that kind of growth comes from putting customers first and I’m not satisfied to rest on my laurels. I’m always looking for ways to improve your 1A Auto experience.

- Poor
Dennis Finn, 2021-04-28

I get a message thanking me for canceling my order and told my money would be returned to my account in 5 days. Now I have to start over...will never buy from here again.

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- Average
Tekay Yun, 2021-01-27

The kit lasted 9 months. I called and they sent out a replacement parts, I figured what are the odds that this would happen again. Few months later noises from the front end. Finally got it checked out and the parts were trash. Some parts just completely sheered off.

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- Great
Jimmy Richard, 2020-11-08

The price was pretty good, got next-day shipping, and the install went exactly according to plan. In a world where buying things off to the internet is hit-or-miss, this was 100% great.

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- Excellent
Lamond T, 2020-09-01

My package had been damaged in the delivery process and they sent me the replacement part without hassle. I would recommend buying from them.

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